Eduardo Curley

A native of Chicago and Guadalajara, Eduardo Xavier Curley-Carrillo is an Equity Jeff Award winning ensemblist, actor, and sonic artist who brings the depth and duality of his mixed upbringing to his art and life on stages and screens all across the country.

Lately, he has found his calling in helping his community of playwrights in the production and actualization of new plays. In the most recent generative process, Bull; a love story, a part of Nancy Garcia Loza’s Lakeview Cycle, he plays the role of G.— a lost soul from a generation of Latinidad that has been wiped from the face of Chicago. He also had the pleasure and profound privilege of workshopping and realizing Oskar in the Jeff Award winning production of Isaac Gomez’s Leopard Play, or sad songs for lost boys at Steep — a story about chicano identity, queerness, secrets, and they roles we play in our families and on our own.

On the set of Horchata, he plays the role of PPE’d essential restaurant worker in a Chicago taqueria who lifts the fallen spirits of the gig-economy proletariat through joke and song. You can also catch him in the role of infamous Little Village twin-turned international narco for the Sinaloa cartel Pedro Flores on Bill Kurtis’ CNBC Docu-series American Greed. Upcoming projects include Hiro Murai’s adaptation of Station Eleven on HBO, in which Eduardo plays an EMT who attempts to rescue the life of Arthur Leander (as portrayed by Gael García Bernal).

In the world of audio drama, he’s had the good fortune of working as an actor and story consultant with Make Believe (, bringing the works of Natalie Moore, Jeremy McCarter, and Nancy Garcia Loza to life. In Brava: a folktale con música, he voices the Principe and Bolumbí: one a hard headed young prince who loses his way in the struggle against institutionalized masculinity, the other an ancient cave-dwelling ancestor set on making things right by helping a young heroine.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5'9"